Different Roles Of A Technical Architect

Since most companies rely on modern technologies, the role of technical architect has become significant over the years. These professionals assist to develop enterprise software for businesses. The job of technical architect includes systems and business architects. While architects play a major role in structural planning and designing of buildings; the architects in IT sector follow the same strategies. The main aim of a technical architect is to design a software application that can be used for several years without the need for any major structural changes.
Technical architects are involved for creating and managing three types of architecture within an organisation. These types are

•        System architecture

•        Enterprise architecture

•        Application architecture

A particular area of architecture provides a complete vision on how an application should function within a business. It is the duty of technical architect to provide guidance for these areas of software design.

System Architecture is all about structural layout of hardware, software and network configuration in a company. The system architecture is considered as a core system platform in an organisation. This system architecture involves multiple applications within an organisation.

Business Architects analyse various business requirements and generate technical solutions on that basis. These architects are also responsible to communicate and translate technical information so that business professionals find it easy to understand.

Application Architecture deals with the blueprint of single software application. These architects have to ensure a cohesive strategy and formulate design that matches system architecture of an organisation. The key responsibility of an application architect is to make sure that the application is suits organisational standards and strategies.

In each of these roles there are different positions like basic architects, manager and senior manager. The positions are based on seniority and specialized knowledge in respective fields.

Searching Jobs

There is extensive demand for technical architects as modern businesses mostly rely upon advanced information technology. Moreover, large business houses have to deal with vast database therefore to manage these data effectively there is requirement for knowledgeable and experienced technical architects. Thus, if you are a computer whizz and possess relevant knowledge in this field look out for technical architect vacancies.

The process of searching a suitable job becomes much easier with help from a specialised recruitment agency. Most of these recruitment firms assist a job aspirant in many respects. Recruitment consultants create industry specific resume for job applicants and prepare them to face interviews. Though most companies search for experienced professionals while recruiting technical architects, there are firms that also recruit fresh graduates. So, whether you have experience or not register with a reliable recruitment agency to find proper job.

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