What Makes Amaysim The Best Service Provider In Australia

Amaysim is the leading telecom company serving Australia since 2010. Amaysim was founded on November, 2010 by Rolf Hansen, Thomas Enge, Peter O’Connell, Andreas Perreiter and Christian Magel.  Headquarters of Amaysim is situated in Sydney, Australia. Generally, it operates on Optus 4g network. Amaysim offers various services to their customers such as broadband, SIM mobile network and nbn services. In just seven years, Amaysim becomes the fourth largest telecom services providing company in Australia. Before Amaysim, there are certain companies which are providing mobile handsets on contract basis.

Amaysim faces a big competition during his starting period, but due to their services and sim only plans, Amaysim manages to build 1 Million customers in just 6 years. In June 2011, Amaysim becomes the first company is Australia to provide unlimited talktime and sms services. According to the reviews by Australian citizens, Amaysim becomes the first company to let the customers to customize their own plan according to the need. If you wish to check plans, you can call on Amaysim Customer Service Contact Number for further details.

Services and best plans provided by Amaysim with Australia are mentioned below. Check out the plans and services here.

  • Mobile Sims

Mobile Sim services with unlimited national calling and limited international calling along with data and sms services are provided by Amaysim. Infact, sim provided to the customers is completely free and is delivered to the customer’s residence free of cost. Even no-contracts are in their sim service, so customers can use as much time they want and in any smartphone, they want. Mobile App is also launched by Amaysim to help out the customers in purchasing the plans and control the data usage. There are more than 12000 stores within Australia, where customers can buy these sims. Online sim activation service is also present, where the customers can easily activate their sim within 5 minutes from their official website of mobile app.

Basic sim plan by Amaysim is of 24.90$ only, in which users get unlimited local calls, unlimited local sms, 1.5 GB mobile data and unlimited international calls in 10 standard countries, mentioned on their website also. The most basic for starter costs only 10$ which includes 12c/min standard talk, 12c/standard SMS, 49c/standard MMS, 7.2c/MB data with 365 days validity. Customers can check other unlimited plans by Amaysim on their official website as well as mobile app also.

  • NBN

NBN stands for National Broadband Network. In this service, customers can install the high-speed broadband connection at their houses or commercial spaces. Customers have to choose the preferred speed and modem. BYO modem and NetComm NF17ACV modem worth 140$ with pre-installed settings are provided by Amaysim with free of cost home delivery. BYO modem needs to be unlocked to use their services. Basic unlimited plans by Amaysim under NBN costs only 40$ per month, in which customers will get unlimited data at 12 mbps downloading speed and 1 mbps uploading speed. Highest speed offered by Amaysim with unlimited data costs 90$ per month with 100 mbps downloading speed and 40 mbps uploading speed. This plan is most commonly used by IT companies.

  • Broadband for Tablets & Devices

Under these services, only data sim cards are provided for tablets, smartphones, dongles or other data card devices. Optus 4g Network is available in these plans with speed capping. For more information, you can contact on Amaysim Customer Service Contact Number. These sims are used for tethering multiple devices. Sim home delivery service without any cost is also provided by Amaysim. Customers have to bring their own sim enabled unlocked devices and have to insert the Amaysim data sim in the slot. Sim card compatibility can be checked by visiting their stores or this can be done through their official website also. Basic data card plan costs $65 with 50 GB data at Optus 4G network speed. In 80$ plan, customers will get 70 GB data at high speed. Validity of these plans is of 28 days only. If customers want to purchase add on data, then they can purchase 1 GB of data at 10$ only.

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