Our Guide To Finding Reliable Sources When Writing Official Essays

Writing content is not always easy. For that, you need a reliable source, especially when you are writing essays for further evaluation. To make your writing backed with trustworthy sources, you can find them both offline or online.

Here’s a proper guide to look for such reliable sources around you:

Research Gates

Generally, research gates are backed up by an institution or a library. You need to be a student or a member of these libraries to access the research gate they operate. Or else, if you are a professor, then your college ID or membership ID will work too.

These research gates are highly reliable and have enriching content for essays and other reports. They are even fruitful if you wish to write an essay after properly researching the work of other analysts and experienced writers.

Authentic Websites

You need to check if the content website is authentic or not. For that purpose, websites with domains ending with . gov, .org, and .net are some of the important portals, helping you to write useful essays.

They can also be backed with facts and reports generated from these authentic websites.


Either offline or online source of encyclopaedias is a go-to source for writing the number one essay in your team or batch. Websites consisting of the ancient encyclopedia are reliable sources if you want to know more about human history and its origin.

These books or websites are trusted because of the content they provide on every single topic of your choice. In short, if you want a source that does not fail in providing knowledge from any angle, encyclopaedias are going to be your best friend.

And these books are also found in libraries—either public or private. So, become an active member, and you will be good to go. Otherwise, you can get the encyclopaedia on rent from some bookstores.

Basically, studying an encyclopaedia requires a lot of time. If you have it already, then only it’s a sound choice to make in comparison to short news articles or case studies.

Audit Reports & Corporate Case Studies

If your essay topic is practical, financial, or related to accounts or economics, it’s always better to study the corporate case studies or the annual audit reports. Companies submit these reports annually on online portals for the public’s perusal.

They are highly formal and reliable because the official board members approve these reports.

You can check out case studies conducted by the same companies in the field of your interest. This will give you real insights and outputs of the hypothesis conducted by investigators of the case study.


You can write world-class essays to impress your mentors and seniors at your workplace or educational institutes. For that, the sources mentioned above are highly recommended.

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