A Career As A Fashion Designer

The career of a fashion designer is challenging and rewarding. The professional has to come up with fresh and innovative designs. The duties are not limited to sketching designs only. A fashion designer is also responsible for conducting research about the recent trends in the fashion industry and marketing their designs effectively.

Depending on the area of design a fashion designer specializes in, the professional may have to handle additional responsibilities like customized design or mass market production. Accomplishing all these responsibilities is a challenging affair. If a fashion designer is successful in fulfilling these duties, he will receive the rewards he deserves.

Are you interested in a career in fashion designing? You need to know what are the duties and responsibilities you have to perform when you embark on this profession.

Research Work– before fashion designers start the design process, they require researching current trends as well as the trends that may become the buzzword in the future. They go through the trend reports of the past few years generated by the fashion trade groups or the research team of the company. This is performed to know what the latest trends among the people are. 

Sketching– designers develop the design ideas on a preliminary level with the help of the information gathered from the research. They prepare sketches on the computer with the help of design software. Some designers create sketches on paper.

Selecting Materials– choosing materials is an important task of a fashion designer. The designers visit various fabric manufacturers to decide on the fabrics and patterns that will complement their designs.

Retail Samples– every fashion designer has a seamstress aiding them in their work.  A seamstress applies the designs of the designer to a fabric other than the one selected. This is to check how it appears before using the fabric selected by the fashion designer. After the completion of the making of the initial design samples, the designer selects the ones he wishes to sell to the retailers.

Marketing– the fashion designers are responsible for marketing their designs at various trade shows and fashion shows. In such events, retailers organize what they would like to distribute.

Mass Market Design– many fashion designers work directly for the apparel manufacturers. They design clothes in varied colours and sizes. This is called designing for the mass market which falls in the job description of fashion designer.

If you choose a career in fashion designing, you have to fulfill these duties and responsibilities. You can register with a fashion designing recruitment agency to be aware of the fashion design job opportunities.

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