Job Roles Of A Compliance Auditor

Many companies employ accounting compliance auditors to ensure that their businesses operate within the procedures, regulations and policies set forth by the company, federal, state and local laws. Compliance auditors usually work as an independent entity. They don’t report to any particular line of business. In most of the cases, this position is set within the legal or financial department of a company. Large companies often have an independent compliance department. This department reports to the independent compliance committee.

Job Responsibilities

A compliance auditor can work individually in a team. Most of the organizations assign one or more than one business groups to a compliance auditor. He or she needs to check all records such as employment, financial, sales records and so on. It is the auditor’s duty to ensure that the team working under her has performed all the duties in accordance with local, state, federal laws and corporate best practices. She needs to document all positive and negative information that she discovers.

She needs to recommend the management steps to be taken if a business group fails to comply with the given regulations and laws. She advises the management what to do about it. She may also organize a future audit to examine the progress of the business group. If she finds the group grossly non-compliant she can report to senior management. It is also her duty to enforce any updated legal regulations that have been introduced.

Job Opportunities

If you wish to become a compliance auditor, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics or related subjects. You will have to undergo an auditing internship while you are in college. Internship not only helps to gain work experience, but it will also help you to meet prospective employers. It often helps to get a permanent employment. Many firms prefer to employ auditors who have worked for them as an intern. Since the firm trains the interns, they prefer to retain the interns as permanent employees instead of employing new people.

If you don’t get job in the company where you have worked as an intern, you can register your resume with a compliance recruitment agency. This is the easiest way to get a job since the big companies often post their vacancies on the website of recruitment agencies. You can directly visit their websites to check the vacancies or subscribe for job alerts. You may also get helpful recruitment tips from the recruitment agency. It will maximize your chance of getting the job.

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