Things To Know About SAP BI Training

SAP business intelligence (BI) training, also called BW training is the latest buzzword among the candidates who wish to make a bright career in SAP BI. Those who are already involved in an IT career are showing interest to pursue SAP BI training.

If you decide to do SAP BI training, it is essential to know certain things about this effective training.

Qualifications Required– The eligibility for getting enrolled in SAP BI training is an academic background in finance or business management. It is not mandatory to have specialized programming knowledge. If you have such qualifications, you will be able to understand SAP BI faster and better.

Online and Classroom Courses– There are online as well as classroom courses for SAP BI training. Both of them have their share of benefits. Many opt for classroom courses while others go for online courses. The online courses allow candidates to learn on their own efficiency level. They provide candidates with interactive sessions through video chat. The candidates can learn the accurate use of the SAP modules. The duration of online courses is about 40 hours. On the other hand, classroom courses give candidates an opportunity to earn a practical experience. There is an advantage of learning along with the veteran SAP trainers.

In case, you are already engaged in a job, you can choose to do an online SAP BI training course. You should ensure that the online SAP BI training institute you choose is accredited. Check the study materials thoroughly. If they are designed professionally, you can expect to receive quality training.

Various Topics– This particular module of SAP covers several topics. At the initial stage of the training, a case study is provided to the candidates. This is intended to make them go through the functionalities of SAP BI. After the students have gained a sound understanding of the case study, complex terminologies like ERP, ODS, ETL are initiated henceforth. Next, the students are imparted knowledge about system environment to build their familiarity with coding of transaction, metadata repository and other important aspects.

At the final stage of the training, candidates learn to download the features of BI. Since the SAP BI module covers various topics, you must be clear to prioritize on those most relevant to SAP business intelligence jobs. You should learn them at first and then, proceed to gain knowledge about the other topics.

These are the aspects that you should be aware of before taking up SAP BI training.

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