Science Student Rewarded For Outstanding Achievement

Many students find biology tough, but with a little perseverance, some can achieve impressive results. To boost their chances of success in the subject, people can enlist the help of biology tutors. Whether they are falling behind with their work and need some assistance to get them back on track or they simply want to excel in the subject, it is now simple to arrange biology tuition.

One student who has certainly made the most of her biology classes over the years is Chiara Secci. The former Driffield Secondary School and sixth form pupil was recently awarded an academic scholarship by Worcester University, the Beverley Guardian reports.

The second-year paramedic science student was one of nearly 100 students from the University of Worcester to receive the scholarships. She was awarded the £1,000 grant by vice chancellor Professor David Green during a ceremony at the brand new University of Worcester Arena.

Her achievements demonstrate how natural ability and hard work can pay off for students.

Commenting on her reaction when she discovered she had secured the scholarship, she remarked: “I was in utter disbelief when I received the email to tell me that I had been awarded an academic scholarship – I even double checked to make sure it was legitimate!

“But I was also extremely pleased and very grateful to be chosen – it really is an honour. I couldn’t have achieved anything like this without my amazing friends and family, who have supported and encouraged me during my first year here, and in particular my mum, who is the main reason I’ve reached where I am today.”

Meanwhile, Professor Green added: “We were delighted to be able to award an academic scholarship to Chiara and so many other students. The scholarships recognise terrific, high quality and extensive achievement, and it is only right that students who excel here at the University of Worcester are rewarded.”

In total, 98 students were given the awards on the basis of their achievements through the 2012-13 academic year.

Youngster students can take the achievements of Ms Secci as inspiration to excel in science subjects themselves. Financial rewards like the one she secured provide a great incentive to help people strive for the best possible results.

By making use of A Level biology tutors, students stand to boost their confidence in the subject and raise their exam grades. Ultimately, this could help them to pursue the discipline, or related subjects, at university if this is what they want to do.

There are many different branches of science that require students to have A Levels in biology, including medical disciplines such as veterinary science, physiotherapy and pharmacy.

Of course, using the services of specialist tutors does require some investment, but this can prove to be money well spent. After all, a considerable number of biology-related careers are well paid. In addition, these jobs can be hugely rewarding. Bearing this in mind, it seems as though demand for biology tutors will remain high for the foreseeable future.

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