How To Survive The First Term At University

You’ve got you’re A’ levels out of the way, your chosen university has accepted you, so now all that you have to do is make sure that you get the best out of your new challenge.

The first few weeks

By the beginning of October, you’ll feel more comfortable and will have started to attend lectures and seminars. If you haven’t done so already then look out for any budget Windows 7 Laptops for sale. This invaluable tool will need to be insured and you should also invest in memory sticks for backup. Your lecturer won’t be that impressed if you fail to deliver an essay citing computer malfunction and the wiping out of your notes, always copy everything.


The perennial problem of lack of funds is often seen as a condition that is synonymous with the word student. First of all ensure that if your tuition fees are being paid in the form of a loan from Student Finance England, that the university has received them. A budget is a really good idea, it may seem boring but if you start this practice during your first term then you’ll always know how much you can spend and how much you may be able to put by for parties, taxis, clothes and books and any other essentials. If you’re in receipt of a maintenance grant and your family income is under £25,000 a year you should be able to get the full £3,354, this grant isn’t repayable. If you’re still finding it difficult to survive you should also be able to apply for a Maintenance Loan, this is repayable and the sums vary depending on whether you live with your parents, and where you are studying.

Social life

University life is as much about developing social skills as it is about academic learning. There are a few golden rules that should be applied, though. You will probably drink too much, on occasion and you will probably start to eat a lot of very unusual cheap meals. Try not to make excessive drinking a habit, you’ll suffer from hangovers and your general health will suffer. Where possible, cook communally, especially if you live in a shared house. This is a cheaper option and it will be more nutritious. Transport can be a nightmare in a new city so, if you are going to sample the local nightlife off campus, always make sure that you can get back safely. Some well-heeled parents have an account with a local taxi firm for their offspring. If this isn’t a possibility then make sure that a group of you can club together to share transport at the end of the evening.

The best time

This probably really will be the best time of your life. You’ll make new discoveries, learn about the world and if you’re very lucky, you’ll meet a group of friends who will remain in contact with you for the rest of your days. Just get through that difficult first term in one piece.

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