Types of Jobs For Registered Nurses

The requirements for registered nurses are increasing day by day. It will never go down. The healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries in the UK. It forms an integral part of the economy. Healthcare institutes are focusing more on quality service. Therefore, the requirement for qualified and certified nurse has increased a lot.
In order to become a nurse you should obtain a degree in biology, anatomy, medical science or any other related subject. Once you obtain a degree, you will have to apply for a license. The health care organisations or private practitioners will not hire you if you don’t have a license.

As soon as you obtain a license, you can apply for a job. There are different types of registered nursing jobs. You will have to determine which type of job you will apply for. Let’s have a look at the different types of nursing jobs that the medical industry offers.


Hospital Work

Registered nurses are mostly employed in the hospitals. Researches show that 59% of the nursing jobs are offered by hospitals. There are several divisions in which nurses are employed. Some of divisions are ambulatory care, emergency rooms, neonatal, surgery departments and intensive care. They are also employed in the outpatient facilities of the hospitals. Rehabilitation services and outpatient surgery units also employ the nurses. If you want to join a hospital, you will have to remember that hospitals require the nurses to work around the clock. There are no nights, holidays or weekends for nurses. If you are ready to work odd hours, you can choose this profession.

Nursing Medical Fields

Doctors often work in particular areas of medical field. It is no different for nurses. 39% of the registered nurses work in medical fields. They can work with specialists who deal with urology, coronary disease, ophthalmic diseases, gynecology and some other specialties. Nurses prefer private practices because the salary is higher for nurses who assist private practitioners. Moreover the working hours are also regular for nurses who work with specialists.

Travel Nurses

Registered nurses can also choose to become travel nurses instead of working in a hospital or other medical facilities. Travel nurses work at one place for a few months and then move on to some other place. The high pay package attracts registered nurses to choose this career option.

No matter which type of nursing job you choose, you can count on a recruitment agency for getting a job. Registering your resume with a recruitment agency will make it easier for you to get a job.

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