Top Things Not To Do In A Job Interview

In tough economic times a little advice when it comes to the dos and don’ts of job interviews never goes a miss. Attending a job interview can be a nerve racking experience and it is important that you know how to handle yourself throughout the duration of the meeting in order to make a good first impression on your prospective employers. With this in mind, here is a list of top things not to do in a job interview to ensure that you get off to a good start.

1. Do not arrive late

It is vitally important to be punctual when attending a job interview. By arriving 15 minutes early you will make a great first impression. If you use public transport make sure you leave enough time for any unexpected problems.

2. Do not show up unprepared

Before attending an interview it is always advisable to research the company beforehand. This will allow you to put forward insightful questions whilst appearing organised and smart. Always take extra copies of your CV to the interview.

3. Do not dress inappropriately or neglect your appearance

In order to make a good first impression it is imperative that you dress smartly and take care of your physical appearance. For women, avoid flesh-flashing clothing and garish make-up, for men, pay attention to the ironing of shirts and trousers as well as the grooming of any facial hair.

4. Do not stay seated when shaking hands

It is common courtesy that you must stand when greeting and shaking the hand of the interviewers. Should you fail to do this it is likely that you will appear rude and even lazy.

5. Do not presume where to sit

Never take a seat during an interview without the indication of the employer or recruiter.

6. Do not get too comfortable

You must remember to remain professional during the duration of the interview. Do not let you guard down and speak in colloquial or vulgar language and remember to address the interviewer formally.

7. Do not fail to ask questions

If you hope to appear engaging and sincerely interested in the position then it is vital that you ask questions. Take a notepad and pen with you in order to take notes and ensure that you ask how the recruitment process works in order to establish an effective time line.

By taking into consideration and implementing these top interview tips you will ensure that you make a good first impression on the recruiters whilst increasing your chances of getting the job. Always remember to follow up a professional meet with an e-mail in order to thank the company for their time.

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