Retail General Manager Duties

General Managers of retail stores have huge job responsibilities. It is a very challenging job role. The wide job roles of a retail manager make it a hectic profession. If you have management qualities and good communication skill, this can be the right career option for you. A general manager needs to deal with the everyday operations of a business.
He needs to interview and hire new employees, manage the inventories of the store, motivate the employees and address customer issues. If you can handle working in a hectic pace, you can easily get success in this field. If you want to become a retail general manager, work experience is far more important than earning a college education.

Education of a General Manager

Having a GED or high school diploma is essential if you want to become a general manager of a retail store. It is an added advantage to have an associate’s degree. You can opt for a bachelor’s degree in business administration, human resource or any other related subject. However, none of these degrees are as valuable as work experience, especially in this field.

Managing Employees

A general manager is not only responsible for the store itself and the customers, but managing the employees is one of his primary duties. He needs to interview the applicants and hire the right candidate. Training the new employees also fall under his job responsibilities. Managing the store’s payroll can be included in his job roles. The manager often requires to coordinate schedules for meetings and trainings.


General Managers need to possess organisational skills. They need to organise the store itself ensuring that the customers can navigate the space easily. They should easily find what they are looking for. The manager often requires rearranging the store or installing new displays. You may also need to analyse sales trends, record sales figures, develop new strategies and increase profit for the retail store.


The most difficult task of a general manager is to handle all customer issues. This includes both positive and negative feedback. The manager may need to resolve the customer complains personally.

Getting a job as a general manager in a retail store can be easy if you register your resume with a retail recruitment agency. You can subscribe for email alerts or directly visit the website of the recruitment agency. This will make it easier for you to get a job.