General tips for Handling Conflict Management in the Workplace

Conflict can arise in any profession where there are people working. However, it is typically more of an issue particular types of industries, for example close protection operatives, security guards, bailiffs etc where conflict management is a central tenet of the job. Conflict management might also be more of an important skill in industries where employees are working in close proximity, such as in a maritime context (specific maritime training might be useful here.)

In the kinds of professions where conflict management is a key part of the job you can benefit from safety training courses that directly address how to deal with workplace conflict. These courses might cover some of the following tips:

Conflicts can arise for all sorts of reasons. Often, events occur that can cause a reaction or reflex response, this response is sometimes aggression. To counteract this response you can do a couple of things, for instance simply counting to ten before reacting can avoid an escalation of conflict.

Communication is of paramount importance when trying to resolve a situation. Conflicts often arise because people are perceiving events in differing ways. If two people can convey with clarity why they feel the way they do conflict often disappears.

An understanding of pertinent laws etc can also reduce conflict. Where this is obscurity there is often conflict and so being able to explain the law to someone will reduce their confusion and therefore diminish conflict.

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