Understanding the Value of Workplace First Aid

Ideally, first aid skills won’t need to be invoked at all because there will be no accidents in the workplace. Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed and even in the most ostensibly safe working environment there may occur accidents. Therefore, those that have a good knowledge of first aid may become instrumental in saving lives.

The most of obvious benefit of health and safety training courses for employees is that first aid is developed to provide first response to medical emergencies before medical professionals arrive. This fast response is key and for many kinds of workplace injury the sooner treatment can be applied the better the prognosis. Even for very serious conditions like stroke or heart attack first aiders can make a positive recovery much more likely.

First aid and safety training is now more accessible than it’s ever been. This means that many companies offer training that is designed to adapt to your working hours etc, in other words your normal working day needn’t be disrupted by safety training.

On an employee level, all kinds of safety training are valuable. Not least because it equips employees not only with a better understanding of health and safety but also with skills that are valuable for the rest of their careers, in other words first aid training looks good on CVs and is a professional qualification that many different kinds of employers will appreciate.

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