Considerations to Make When Choosing Commercial Transport Training

Driving an LGV vehicle is a high-risk activity that requires explicit training. Drivers of these large vehicles are responsible for their own safety as well as that of any passengers and the goods they are transporting. Furthermore, it is not only a matter of safety; getting appropriate and respected driver training can be a great boost for those looking for a career in commercial transport.

Many training courses are offered online, but it is important to be aware that it is actually not that difficult to set up an LGV training scheme and therefore you should do your research carefully before committing to a course.  Many companies that started out just focusing on haulage now offer commercial transport training as a sideline and these may be your best option. Having spent years training their own staff and with all the necessary infrastructure in place, haulage companies offering training will pass on all their experience to you and may therefore be more beneficial than companies that offer numerous different (and less focussed) services.

Good training courses will combine theory and practice to help you learn how to deal with different conditions and situations as well as how others might react to your actions. When trying to find an experienced training school, qualifications to look out for are membership of the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic training, as well as OCR, SQA and ALLMI approval. Also, if you want healthy and safety training as well, it is worth checking whether there is a CSCS Health and Safety test facility available.

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