What to Expect as a Nanny Abroad

It is easy to assume that all Nanny jobs abroad are going to be much the same. However, the experience you have and what is expected of you in the role of a Nanny will differ quite significantly depending on where you choose to go.

In some areas of the world, a Nanny is little more than someone to do chores and ensure children are picked up from school on time when parents are busy. However, in places such as Russia, the Nanny (or Governess) plays a much bigger part in a child’s life.

As such, being an English Nanny might be a slightly tougher job in such countries and may require slightly more in the way of training, but at the same time it will be a great deal more rewarding, and individuals are likely to form much stronger bonds with the children in their care.

In countries such as Russia, foreign Nannies are favoured simply due to the fact that they can educate a child in language and culture in a way that a domestic Nanny may well not be able to. In turn, these roles are going to be far better paid than those in countries such as our own where a nanny is now simply expected to carry out much of the drudgery at home.

Therefore, it is impossible to say what to expect in a Nanny role in general and, instead, individuals should research any country they are interested in visiting and see the emphasis each culture places on the importance and role of a Nanny.

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