A Soldier’s Letter Home

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Dear Emily,

I hope that everything is fine there on the home front. It has been weeks since we have been allowed to participate in the armed combat against the Confederacy. While there is much doubt among my fellow soldiers at the 54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, I am optimistic that our participation in actual armed combat will eventually reveal the zealousness and bravery in the heart of a black man. 

My heart is not weakened by the mockery and disdain that we black soldiers experience from our fellow white soldiers. Racism persists even in the training camps. We are not given the same level of respect as the white soldiers receive. One of my fellow soldiers, Tipp, left the camp to find a replacement for his worn-off shoes. He got a beating for it. Some of the higher-ups are even denying us sufficient military supplies. But, do not feel pity for us, Emily. Truth be told, I am challenged by such treatment; may your adversities serve as your strength there in the home front, as well. The Negro man has a lot of stories to tell, many are sad, and some are funny. It is through the exchange of such stories that we can comfort each other during pass time. 

Last week, we successfully defeated Confederate armies at James Island, South Carolina. This is a major victory for us. It was bloody and violent, but it was for a good purpose, unlike the violence that black men have suffered under the hands of their masters for centuries. Within the next few days, we will be capturing Fort Wagner. It is a confederate stronghold, and I am not sure if my fellow soldiers and I will be able to survive this mission. I have given my fate to God and for the country. Emily, please write me a letter after you have received mine about the wonderful things that are happening there on the home front. Your letters will cheer me up and give me strength in this war for equality and freedom. While we are making important progress in curbing Confederate powers, we are also making significant progress in obtaining the respect of our fellow American soldiers as we march toward Fort Wagner. 

I shall wait for your letter. Even at peace, I shall read it from heaven. 

I love you,

Budge Barnes 


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