Student Housing Viewing Tips – What To Watch For

While it’s highly rare for anybody to choose their ideal student accommodation in Camberwell without first carrying out an inspection, comparatively few students actually know what it is they’re looking for. They know it’s important to look around the place and make sure the building isn’t in ruins of course, but in terms of the smaller specifics that add up to a big difference, it’s often something of a guessing game.

student accommodation in Camberwell

As far as the experts are concerned, not nearly enough emphasis is put on the inspection process as this is the only ‘hands-on’ experience any student will get of a place, before having to make their final decision. And as it’s not always convenient or possible to bring an experienced individual along for the ride, it’s crucial to know ahead of time exactly what it is you should be on the lookout for.

So for students set to move away for the first time or perhaps in the process of choosing new accommodation for their return to university, here’s a quick look at a few tips from the experts on how to proactively go about the viewing process:

1 – Check for Damp

It’s relatively rare to come across any examples of student accommodation these days with rather glaring problems with black mould and damp. Nevertheless, there will always be a rather huge contingency of old and dilapidated buildings their respective owners try to pass off as affordable choices for students on a budget. Damp can be an absolute nightmare and tends to be the kind of thing responsible and reputable landlords address immediately. So if it’s clear there’s any real sign of damp that’s been ignored, it’s a clear warning sign to say the least.

2 – Signs of Infestation

It’s a comparatively rare scenario to encounter once again, but it’s still important to be on the lookout for any signs of infestation. From mice to rats to slugs and so on, if there are any suspicious signs such as traps, poison, droppings or nibbled woodwork around the place, you might want to question why this is the case.  Again, and landlord willing to rent a property before fully addressing infestation problems is most certainly not a landlord you want to be renting from.

3 – Location Considerations

Try to bear in mind that while location is everything, there’s a fair bit more to factor into the equation than may be apparent on the surface. It’s a case of thinking about everything you’ll be doing and every place you’ll be traveling to on a regular basis while at university. You may have found a fantastic property in a frankly glorious area, but if it takes you two buses and 50 minutes each day to get to your lectures, chances are you’ll be looking for any and every excuse not to bother going.

4 – Safety and Security

It’s important to be aware of the fact that while property owners have a legal responsibility to keep their buildings and entrances in good working order, provision of any real safety and security measures is in no way mandatory. As such, students must never take things for granted or to fall into the assumption that safety and security will be addressed or even considered on their behalf. Instead, it’s a case of carrying out your own inspections both internally and externally, in order to determine if the property is indeed as safe and secure as it needs to be.

5 – Appliances

A quick check but an important check nonetheless, are the appliances in the property relatively new and in good working order, or have they quite obviously not been replaced since 1979? Basic household appliances do not cost a great deal these days, which in turn tells you something quite important about landlords and property owners willing and happy to provide dated and completely inadequate household conveniences.

6 – Water Pressure

Crucially important when looking to share accommodation with others, is the water pressure sufficient for a property where several individuals may be using the water supply at the same time? It might not seem like the most important consideration, but pathetic water pressure can make student life in general so much harder.

7 – Insulation/Heating

Last but not least, the fact that most students tend to view perspective accommodation in the summertime means that so many will inherently forget to consider what things will be like in the winter. You technically have no idea simply by looking up the place in the summer, so you may need to ask a few questions with regard to insulation and heating.

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